David's courageous problem solving has brought real change to the communities he serves.  His leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated once again his commitment to protecting renters and the unhoused, to ensuring that we are safe in our homes and neighborhoods, and that Los Angeles is a city that takes care of its own.   Some of his accomplishments are found below:

  • LGBT Center: 225 affordable, permanent supportive, bridge, and emergency beds for seniors and transitional age youth as part Anita May Rosenstein campus.  Secured $3.2 Million in funding from various city sources. Opening Spring 2019.

  • Gardner St. Women’s Bridge Housing: 30 Beds for women.  Initiated project at a city-owned property that was a former library, being renovated using $1.8 Million in Prop. HHH funds. Opening summer 2019.

  • Aviva Family and Children’s Services: 42 units for transitional age young women and their children. Secured $2.3 Million from the Homeless Emergency Aid Program (HEAP) grant funds. Opening in 2019.

  • Worked with community partners and affordable housing developers with potential projects in the pipeline, including 54 units of permanent supportive housing for seniors in Sherman Oaks, and additional locations for affordable and permanent supportive housing in his district.

  • Advocated for Grave Disability Reform – worked with County to expand the definition of “gravely disabled” under California to be better able to deliver critically-needed medical services to better address those suffering from mental illness or experiencing homelessness.

Housing & Solutions 

for Homelessness


Expanding Park Access &

Preserving Open Space

  • Created a 7 Day-a-week shuttle to Griffith Park, connecting to Metro Red Line.  Since March of 2017, the City’s DASH bus runs from the Vermont/Sunset station to the Greek Theatre and Griffith Observatory, carrying 650,000 riders in 2018.

  • Working on innovative solutions for park access like an Aerial Tram and shuttles to the Hollywood Sign. Spent $125,000 of discretionary funds to study the challenges of park access in and around Griffith Park.  Dixon Resources Unlimited issued a report with 29 recommendations for solutions, and in 2018 the City Council approved to move forward or further study many of these ideas.

  • Helped secure $4 Million in renovations to the iconic Greek Theatre.

  • Expanded Runyon Canyon Park by 15 acres and working on further land donations to add additional acreage. Currently studying additional potential improvements to park.

  • Supported new Ford Theatre hiking trail with $100,000 of discretionary funds.

  • Saved 17 acres in Laurel Canyon, supporting the “Let’s Buy a Mountain” organization to purchase land to be preserved as open space.

  • Worked with the Department of Water and Power to refill Silver Lake Reservoir and initiate long term master plan to expand use.

  • Preserved critical open space near the Hollywood Sign, acquiring privately-owned parcel and dedicating it as parkland.

  • Dedicated $500,000 to the Valley’s LA River Greenway, to expand the bike and walking paths.

  • Installed new athletic fields, smart irrigation, and upgraded lighting at Pan Pacific Park.

  • Created opportunities for new park spaces through legislation created a joint-use agreement with LAUSD for off-hours use of school playgrounds.  


 Opportunity & Equity 

for All Angelenos

  • Championed a Children’s Savings Accounts by working with state, county, LAUSD, and non-profit partners to create a program that would boost graduation and college enrollment rates in the city of LA.

  • Introduced motion for Paid Parental Leave that would allow up to 18 weeks of paid leave for new parents, to study creating a program in the City of LA that would supplement the state’s current benefits up to 100% of salary. 

  • Lobbied to secure $50 Million in funding for afterschool programs that support over 100,000 children in Los Angeles who participate in these programs. 

Restoring Trust in Government

with Transparency & Reform

  • Championed Campaign Finance Reform, introducing legislation in 2015, 2017, and 2019 to prohibit contributions from developers to City elected officials or candidates, and to increase matching fund rates to empower small donors.

  • Refused donations from developers, both during the campaign and while in office, and disclosed meetings with developers with projects before the City, the only member of the City Council do so.

  • Created a citizen-led “Discretionary Funds Task Force,” the first of its kind for the LA City Council, which reviews requests and make recommendations on spending taxpayer dollars.

  • Opened up the books for discretionary funds, making all discretionary spending available online through the CD4 checkbook portal.

  • Sponsored and passed legislation for document retention in City Council offices, ensuring a smooth transition between the changes in elected officials.

  • Supported reform of the City’s Deferred Retirement Option Plan (“DROP”) to stop abuse of disability leave and protect taxpayer dollars.

  • Called for financial safeguards for 2028 Olympic Bid, advocated for changes to the initial bid in order to protect taxpayers from the financial risk.


Serving Neighborhoods &

Supporting Communities

Prioritized Public Safety

  • Added more LAPD patrol officers to local divisions.

  • Supported a study to improve patrol car deployment to better allocated LAPD resources.

  • Seconded motion to study the ways to make our public transportation safer including buses, subways and light rail.

  • Secured $1 Million for enforcement in city budget for additional LADOT officers. deployment in neighborhoods near the Hollywood Sign, and funded additional LAPD officers for area during holiday periods.

  • Called for more stringent enforcement and clearance requirements in Very High Fire Severity Zones

Transportation and infrastructure innovations and solutions

  • Fought for and accomplished a concrete streets pilot project to compare costs and feasibility for concrete street repair and replacement to address a significant piece of the City’s infrastructure that has not been upgraded for decades.

  • Implemented safety measures along 6th Street, including the addition of left turn pockets, continental crosswalks, and a soon to be installed new pedestrian-activated signalized crosswalk.

  • Initiated Hollywood Bowl road closure pilot, to alleviate traffic congestion for neighbors on show nights.

  • Created sustainable sidewalks pilot program, using sustainable & renewable materials nears Fire Station 35.

  • Introduced motion to establish safety rules for dockless bikes and electric scooters.

  • Pushed for accelerating the construction timelines for the Orange Line and Sepulveda Pass.

  • Advocated for the Measure M and fought for local return money for the Valley. 

Promoted responsible growth

  • Supported measures like Interim Control Ordinances and the Baseline Hillside Ordinance & and Baseline Missionization Ordinance which curtailed out-of-scale developments in single family and hillside neighborhoods.

  • Co-introduced and passed legislation that requires that the City update each community plan every 10 years, rather than at its discretion.

  • Worked on legislation that creates Hillside Construction Zone, to better safeguard fragile hillside neighborhoods with narrow roads and older infrastructure.

  • Created a Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (“HPOZ”) in the Miracle Mile district.

Improved quality of life for residents

  • Enacted legislation to require open-air Tour Bus operators use headphones rather than amplified sound and to limit the routes through narrow residential streets.

  • Passed Party House legislation, to increase fines and the City’s enforcement capability for irresponsible party houses, which disrupt residential neighborhoods and create public safety challenges.

  • Passed an Exotic Animal Ban which stops the exploitation of animals for private amusement, updating the city’s rules to prohibit displays of wild and exotic animals for entertainment.

  • Initiated $200K contract with LA Conservation Corps for on-demand community cleanup, weed abatement, and graffiti removal.

Celebrated and supported public art

  • Created 9 new murals on Western Ave., as part of the “Great Streets” program.

  • Funded a Utility Box Art Program, supporting local artists to decorate utility boxes in Council District 4.

  • Co-chaired Asian Pacific American Heritage Month activities, including free annual concerts on the steps of City Hall, which attracted over 10,000 people in 2018.​

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