David Ryu has demonstrated time and again that Los Angeles can be a city that puts residents first. In just one term on the City Council, he has brought real change to the communities he serves. In order to better understand what David will do in his next Council term, take a look at what he has been able to accomplish so far. 

Housing & Solutions for Homelessness

Throughout his lifetime, David has believed that housing is basic human right and that government must treat it as one. Through his activism over the years and work on the City Council, he has been a leading voice for renters and habitable, secure and affordable housing for all. Partnering with government, nonprofit agencies, and residents, David has been instrumental in creating real housing solutions for working families and the unhoused in CD4.  His efforts have helped thousands of our unhoused neighbors get housing and support services. The following are a few examples.

  • Secured funding for the LA LGBT Center's Anita May Rosenstein intergenerational campus, providing  225 affordable, permanent supportive, bridge, and emergency beds for seniors and transitional age youth as a part of the campus.  

  • Initiated the groundbreaking Gardner St. Women’s Bridge Housing project, converting a former City library to create a home for the unhoused.  

  • Secured funding for Aviva Family and Children’s Services which provides transitional housing for young women and their children. 

  • Worked with community partners and affordable housing developers to create Mercy Housing, permanent, supportive housing for seniors in Sherman Oaks.

  • Worked with PATH to create the Los Feliz Bridge Home to help unhoused neighbors living along the LA River transition to permanent housing.

  •   Helped create the Riverside Bridge Home, which in July '20 will place 100 people in transitional housing. 

  • Helped expand Grave Disability Reform – worked with County to expand the definition of “gravely disabled” under California to be better able to deliver critically-needed medical services to better address those suffering from mental illness or experiencing homelessness.

  •   Advocated for renters on a range of issues, including better enforcement by the City of renter                          protections;  intervened on behalf of renters to stop harassment by landlords and prevent evictions.

 Park Access & Preserving Open Space


​Growing up in a cramped Hollywood apartment, LA's parks were where his friends and family played and celebrated important events. He is committed to making sure that  generations to come have the same access to open space that he did. 

  • Created a zero-emissions, 7 day-a-week shuttle to Griffith Park, connecting to Metro Red Line, carrying 650,000 riders a year.

  • Spent $125,000 of constituent-approved discretionary funds to improve park access in and around Griffith Park.  

  • Helped secure $4 Million in renovations to the iconic Greek Theatre.

  • Expanded Runyon Canyon Park by 15 acres and working expand the acreage and make park improvements. 

  • Helped create the new hiking trails behind the Ford Theatre and secured funding for renovations to the Greek Theater.

  • Partnered with the “Let’s Buy a Mountain” coalition to preserve the 17-acre Laurel Canyon wildlife corridor. 

  • Worked with the Department of Water and Power to refill Silver Lake Reservoir and create a long term master plan for expanded use.

  • Helped acquire open space near the Hollywood Sign, converting privately-owned land to public parkland.  

  • Dedicated $500,000 to the Valley’s LA River Greenway project, expanding bike and walking paths.

  • Installed new athletic fields, smart irrigation, and upgraded lighting at Pan Pacific Park.

  • Created opportunities for new park spaces through legislation created a joint-use agreement with LAUSD for off-hours use of school playgrounds.  

  •  Opened three new playgrounds in Griffith Park and one in Central Hollywood and extended hours in public        swimming pools.

 Improving Opportunity for Women and Children

Growing up in the socially and economically diverse Council District 4, David knows the important role local government can play in improving everyday lives. His top priority has been protecting our City's most vulnerable and creating better opportunities for every resident.

  •  Worked with State representatives and advocates for full funding of accessible and affordable child care        in the State Budget.

  • Secured rent payments for single mothers in CD4, directed assistance to street vendors unable to work, and resourced interest free loans to residents left without the means to pay their bills at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Supported the Living Wage increases. 

  • Created the nation's largest Children’s Savings Account program, in partnership with state, county, LAUSD, and non-profit partners to give every child a chance at bright future.

  • Introduced a motion for Paid Parental Leave that would allow up to 18 weeks of paid leave for new parents. 

  • Secured $50 Million in funding for after school programs that support over 100,000 children in Los Angeles. 


Weeding out Corruption through Transparency & Reform

Even before he was elected in 2015, David fought to end the decades-old pay-to-play culture inside City Hall. As a Councilmember, he has often been the sole voice to end corruption and return government to the people. 

  • Banned campaign contributions to Councilmembers and other elected City officials or candidates; established a developer registry for increased transparency in land-use and planning decisions.

  • Advocated for increasing matching fund rates to empower small donors and make it easier for first-time candidates to run. 

  • Introduced legislation for an Office of Anti-Corruption and Transparency to oversee, investigate and subpoena Councilmembers and prevent the  exploitation of power for personal gain.


Serving Neighborhoods. Supporting Communities.


Safer neighborhoods

  • Opposed an increase to the police budget during the pandemic and called for reimagining public safety to put the emphasis on social and mental health services that make people safer.

  •  Supported a study to improve patrol car deployment to better allocate public safety resources.


  • Seconded a motion to study the ways to make our public transportation safer including buses, subways and light rail.

  • Secured $1 Million for enforcement in the city budget for additional LADOT officers deployment in neighborhoods near the Hollywood Sign. 

  • Called for more stringent enforcement and clearance requirements in Very High Fire Severity Zones.

Transportation and infrastructure innovations and solutions

  • Fought for and accomplished a concrete streets pilot project to compare costs and feasibility for concrete street repair and replacement to address a significant piece of the City’s infrastructure that has not been upgraded for decades.

  • Implemented safety measures along 6th Street, including the addition of left turn pockets, continental crosswalks, and a newly-installed pedestrian-activated signalized crosswalk.

  • Initiated Hollywood Bowl road closure pilot, to alleviate traffic congestion for neighbors on show nights.

  • Pushed for accelerating the construction timelines for the Orange Line and Sepulveda Pass.

  • Advocated for the Measure M and fought for local return money for the Valley. 

Sustainability and SMART growth

  • Supported LA's Green New Deal. 

  • Called for a permanent "Slow Streets" program in the City to make in safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

  • Introduced the City's first micro-mobility program (dockless bikes and scooters) to reduce our carbon footprint through a safe and affordable alternative to car use. 

  • Created a Citywide sustainable sidewalks pilot program, using sustainable & renewable materials and a "creative" sidewalk repair program to preserve the City's urban canopy.

  • Supported measures like Interim Control Ordinances and the Baseline Hillside Ordinance & Baseline Missionization Ordinance which curtailed out-of-scale developments in single family and hillside neighborhoods; helped create legislation to better safeguard fragile hillside neighborhoods.

  • Co-introduced and passed legislation that requires that the City update each community plan every 10 years, rather than at its discretion.

  • Created a Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (“HPOZ”) in the Miracle Mile district.

  • Updated the City’s Urban Forestry Division for a long-term vision on our Urban Canopy to improve biodiversity, tree maintenance and replacement policies.


Neighborhood Empowerment

  • Enacted legislation to require open-air tour bus operators use headphones rather than amplified sound and to limit the routes through narrow residential streets.

  • Passed Party House legislation, to increase fines and the City’s enforcement capability for irresponsible party houses, which disrupt residential neighborhoods and create public safety challenges.

  • Passed an Exotic Animal Ban which stops the exploitation of animals for private amusement, updating the city’s rules to prohibit displays of wild and exotic animals for entertainment.

  • Invested over $830,000 in office funds to beautify neighborhoods through on-demand community cleanup, weed abatement, and graffiti removal.

Public Art

  • Created an Artist Relief fund in response to the pandemic.

  • Created 9 new murals on Western Ave., as part of the “Great Streets” program; helped restore the Blue Moon Trilogy mural in Hollywood – a tribute to those lost to the AIDS epidemic.

  • Funded a Utility Box Art Program, supporting local artists to decorate utility boxes in CD 4.

  • Co-chaired Asian Pacific American Heritage Month activities, including free annual concerts on the steps of City Hall, which attracted over 10,000 people in 2018 and the Jewish American Heritage Month to celebrate inclusion and diversity in our city.​